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Annemarie Lloyd - Versatile Vocalist & Entertainer
I have been performing around the country for over 25 years.
These days I spend most of my time in Darwin but tour Qld two to three times per year and about once every 18 months to NSW.
 I have traveled the country performing a variety of music styles.
Beginning in the 80s as a Rock Singer, where stretchy black (albeit fake) leather and big hair counted almost as much as vocal ability, I grew with the times and have developed and expanded my vocal style in dynamic ways.
For your venues I can provide solo, duo or trios for relaxing or party music. For your parties or corporate functions I can supply all of the above, up to party-band (along with a floor show if required/practical) to suit your needs, from dinner music through to party time.
Examples below of some of the more contemporary music for regular venues below

As a solo artist I do a huge variety of Songs.
Relax/Chillout music for dining or to enhance a Darwin Sunset

For a night of variety,  I would flow from Jazz/Ballads
& Swing -
and then start injecting some warmth into the evening with some Dance,
and/or Party music.
And of course ...
for Parties
or the Pubs, Good old Rock
I love making an audience smile - whether it be with a full-on,
interractive performance
or singing sweet, moving songs to suit the style of the day.

For the Corporate / Function market,
here is some information about my shows.
With maturity came a stronger sense of humour. These days, I am as comfortable performing a heart-wrenching ballad as I am telling jokes and entertainining an audience with my own cheeky brand of wit, humour and sometimes some very silly parodies.
Having a big vocal range, both in scale and style, I can tackle just about anything vocally. I have been heard to describe my versatility as "the ability to do anything except yodelling and opera"!
Being likened to Bette Midler for years by fans & colleagues, I eventually took on the huge task of putting together my Bette tribute: the Divine Miss M tribute show.

 A huge endeavour involving costumes, comedy, songs, antics and even ... yes! the mermaid.  This inovlved a lot of research, but nothing has been more satisfying. I was looking for a new project that would stretch my abilities, but would also be something fantastic for me to get my teeth into ... and then it hit me ... I LOVE to do a mixture of ballads, jazz, rock, comedy, antics and costumes, and of course, there is one woman who has managed to do that for years... that ol' Redhead, the absolute Divine Miss Bette Midler.

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